Family Weekend 2007

Family weekend is an annual event at Olin, usually taking place in mid-October. This year's family weekend included informational sessions, movies, student presentations (on projects and businesses and everything else), student performances (theater and fire arts), and more. Although the weekend mainly attracts parents of freshmen, one or both of my parents have made it to family weekend each year that I've been at Olin (so far). Only my mom made it this weekend as my dad was too busy with work, but we had a great time anyway. My professors were nice enough to not assign too much work for the weekend, so Mom and I got to skip out on all the normal family weekend events that she'd already been to twice and have fun together instead.

On Friday, I picked Mom up at the T after classes, and we made some apple crisp in the East Hall kitchen (my suite had gone apple picking a few weeks ago, and we were having trouble finishing off all the apples). We then went out to my favorite Indian restaurant for dinner - the Punjab Cafe in Arlington. (Meena introduced me to the restaurant last year - we were both on the student government executive board, and we all went out for dinner one night to take a break from all our work.) We ate an absurd amount of food - appetizers (samosas, pakoras, and more), curries (malai kofta and shahi paneer korma - my favorites), and naan (garlic naan, onion naan, and potato naan). Yummmm.

On Saturday we decided to go into Boston. We took the T into the city, and went shopping at Best Buy (I wanted to get a USB hub) and then in the Prudential Center/Copley. After going to the mall we walked up and down Newbury Street, and then had Thai food for lunch at Thai Basil. We then walked through the Boston Public Garden, the Boston Common, past Boston's City Hall, past the Faneuil Hall Marketplace, and to the New England Aquarium (roughly this route, but in reverse). We went through the aquarium and looked at all the animals - the penguins were our favorite by far, followed closely by the 600+ pound turtle named Myrtle - and then saw "SEA MONSTERS: A Prehistoric Adventure" in IMAX 3D. Thoroughly exhausted, we headed back to Needham and had dinner at Sweet Basil, another of my favorite restaurants. Mom went straight to bed after we got back - it was well after her bed time at that point. =)

Today we wandered around Wellesley's campus for a while, and then through the Wellesley town center. We stopped at Starbucks for raspberry mochas (another one of my favorite things - I like my coffee to taste not very much like coffee), and window-shopped a bit. Later in the afternoon we drove around the area and looked at all the leaves changing colors, and went for a short hike in one of Needham's forested parks. We had dinner in Wellesley at Lemon Thai, and then I dropped Mom off at the airport.

It was a successful weekend overall. I'm ready for a nap. But first, some pictures!


Mom, photographing a church in Boston.


Mom and I at the Boston Public Garden.


Two of the turtles at the aquarium.


A close-up of the bigger turtle.


Mom and I in the IMAX theater, wearing our 3D glasses. We are extremely classy. =)

That's all for now!


PS: I turned in all my forms! My major is going to be changed officially, and - hopefully - I'll get to go to Italy next semester! Yay!

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