Fifteen cooks only make the soup better

Brittany L. Strachota

Despite my best intentions, I find myself continuing the trend of blog posts featuring food. It's too integral a part of dorm life to ignore.

October 9-11 was a long weekend at Olin (thanks to Chris, Class of 1492), so my hallway (fondly referred to as The Neighborhood) decided to celebrate in style. Between air cannon fights, half a viewing of Fargo, paintball, and Super Mario 64, we enjoyed two "home-cooked" meals together.
Tim and Elizabeth ('13) owed us a dinner in after a failed attempt last weekend. Finally, they stepped up to the plate on Sunday night, preparing a pasta dish with Italian sausage, spinach, selected fungi, and imported cheese.

All in all, it was a classy affair, but we weren't done yet.

The next morning, the hallway nook became an improvised dining room once again. Desk chairs were rolled out from our rooms as Robert ('13) ran around with the Florida's Natural and everybody else choked down Vegemite toast. Finally, all were seated around a spread of pancakes, cinnamon rolls, pure maple syrup, turkey bacon (so many arguments spawned by the turkey bacon...), orange juice, hot chocolate, jam, coffee, peanut butter, milk, and a few token pears (for health). Everybody was happy to sit together, enjoying the food we prepared/salvaged from the dining hall. And who would complain about homemade cinnamon rolls and banana chocolate chip pancakes?

cinnamon rolls.jpg

vegemite toast.jpg



...not so much     

Though the members of this new neighborhood hail from Oregon, to Colorado, to Minnesota, to Florida, to Massachusetts, we managed to bring all of these homes just a little bit closer. So close to home that I was even scolded for putting my feet on the table.

breakfast table.jpg
Photo credits to Tara ('13)
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