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So, in case you haven't picked up on it, Olin is a place where you can tend to be in meetings almost as much as you are in classes. Today, for example, I had at least 4 meetings, taking up at least 3 hours of my time, but the last one was by far the best. The CORe Constitution Committee was meeting to go over some amendments, and we kept getting sidetracked and just having fun. In fact, it resulted in a ton of laughter, and one e-mail sent out by Greg Marra to randomness.... hmm... something similar happened during our KITTEH meeting (a CORe committee trying to get a dorm kitten) with icanhascheeseburger... maybe i'm the common denominator here in getting massively off topic...anyway, afterward, I was looking at the Olin website, and finally went to the Flickr account. It is actually really cool, and I don't know why I've never looked at it before. I was having an especially good time looking at the Freshmen orientation pictures (which I was at...most of... because I'm an R2), and the Olintastic pictures in particular.
Brief, explanation, Olintastic is basically something where the R2s get up in front of all the first years and have fun making complete fools of themselves and hopefully entertaining them while non-freshmen begin to move in. As part of this, we decided to have a talent show... but where we wouldn't be performing our own talents, and would instead get a half an hour of instruction for learning someone else's talent. mine was learning to play the guitar from Erik Kennedy, and I thought I'd share the picture.

Yeah, so other than meetings and stuff, my weekend was kind of like the past hour has been: I have some work to do, but it doesn't feel incredibly urgent, so I'm getting distracted a lot, but having a good amount of fun. Now, all of this could have been the result of being stressed and totally busy all of last week, but I feel like it's important to have these sporadic times of lapsed productivity but increased hilarity. Keeps me sane. Also, the weather was so beautiful today, that I just couldn't help but be happy, and part of my MatSci lecture got to be outdoors!

And, I'm going to end with a little shout out of sorts to my parents who came out for Family Weekend the weekend before this past one.

I had a great time, and it meant a lot to me that you guys came. I love you, and I hope you had a good time as well!

Probably annoyingly perkily yours (and I'm not going to lie, on a bit of a sugar rush),


p.s. can you use that many adverbs in a row? :)

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