Friday Service: Let's play [kick]ball!


Hey readers!

First of all, I wanted to apologize for the delay in my postings!  Once you re-enter the bubble, life flies by, and you get completely lost in the Olin lifestyle.  I have tons and tons of cool things I'd love to talk about, but today I'm going to focus on Friday Service.

In the Olin schedule, time is set aside from 3-5 pm every Friday specifically for Community Service; the schedule's been this way since forever [as I know].  This means there are no classes scheduled during this time.  I believe that, as engineers, we are eventually going to be bettering the quality of life of others; Friday Service time is a [somewhat easy] way to do this while in school. 

So who organizes Friday Service time, you ask?  By title, I do; however, there's an entire board of awesome people involved!


SERV [support recognize encourage volunteerism] is our on campus community service organization, led by a student board with a few faculty and staff advisors.  The student board is pictured on the right [thanks to Murphy ('14) for the picture]: myself, Alex ('15), Brendan ('14), Rachel ('14), Hannah ('13), Becca ('13), and Becca ('13).  This is my second year on the board, and my first as Friday Service coordinator.  That means it's my job to come up with projects that allow different Oliners to get involved and help the community in some way. 

This past week was our very first Friday Service project of the year.  We'll call it...Kickball Kickoff!


Look at Sam's ('13) form!  Pictured above is one of the many action shots of the kickball tournament, played with rules similar to the national standards [yes, we looked it up.  Thanks again to Murphy for this picture]. 

Some people say Olin's intense about everything...


...okay, we're not scary intense.  Andrew ('13) was a bit enthusiastic about his team [Thanks Sam ('13) for the photo].  SERV was inspired by  Teams of 7-10 people donated a small fee and came out to the field for an afternoon of friends, fun, and an awesome start to Friday Service for the year!  8 teams came out, including a team comprised of some familiar faces for you alumni and LOA/study away-ers out there...


Brian Storey [pictured left] was the captain/pitcher of the free agents/faculty/staff team [thanks Ari ('15) for the photo!]  Five awesome faculty and staff joined us: Aaron Hoffman, Brian Storey, Rebecca Christianson, Alison Black, and A.J. Pave.  They made it to the second round of the bracket, and their captain had fans cheering, "What time is it? STOREY TIME!"

After 6 games, and two complete rounds of bracketing [sorry guys, I can't find any pictures of the bracket], we had our final two teams: 3 East [a hallway in West Hall] and the Freshmen Boys.  Their game was nothing short of close, with a final score of 5-4. 



This action shot really sums up how intense some of the games were (thanks Murphy ('14)).  Pictured above are Sean ('15), Patrick ('14), and Allie ('15).  Their facial expressions and body language are nothing short of dramatically awesome.

The winners were....


The freshmen! Pictured above, all class of 2015, are Eric, Kyle, Elliot, Chris, James, Sean, and Ndungu [Thanks Murphy ('14)], holding the trophy I made myself.


kickball_runnerups_sam.jpgOur valiant runner ups are pictured here.  From left to right:  Sam ('13), Asa ('14), Charlie ('14), Kevin ('14), Katherine ('14), and Chase ('14) [thanks Sam ('13)].  They were quite the troopers, considering how many injuries they seemed to manage during the course of the tournament!

This activity was a first, and by no means a last.  Look out for kickball again next year, along with a bunch of exciting activities in between. 

I'm signing off for now, but I'm going to definitely be writing soon about the other exciting things that happened, including a surprise party in the O, family adventures, and a conference I will be attending next week!



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