Well, it's time. Time to, at long last, hear from the only person who hasn't posted yet.

That would be me. I'm Dan, and I'm a Freshman. This post (and probably my next post), I'll be writing about theatre opportunities at Olin (because theatre consumes my extracurricular life). Obviously, with Olin being so small, some may fear that certain extracurriculars may not have as much involvement or as many opportunities as they would like. However, for theatre, this fear is, fortunately, unfounded. Actually, Olin is (somewhat ironically) a wonderful place for me as an actor.

Let's start at the most obvious place: FWOP. The Franklin W. Olin Players, or FWOP, is the (entirely student-run) theatre club at Olin. It's responsible for two shows every year, with a few possible extras thrown in here and there (for example, there was a one-act performed after the two main plays last year). For two weekends every year, FWOP gets to borrow Babson's Sorenson Auditorium, which, as Ellen wrote last post, will be used for Into the Woods, our spring production. Our other production, the fall play, is held in Olin's Auditorium. This year, that show was Picasso at the Lapin Agile (aka PATLA). I played Elvis, who time-traveled to a bar in 1904 France and met Einstein and Picasso. Now that that show's over, my life will be dominated by Into the Woods; for those of you who know the show, I play Jack, so I'm really pumped!

As for quality, I can only speak for one play so far, but from what I've seen, our shows tend to be surprisingly good. I say "surprisingly" because in my high school (which was four times the size of Olin), there were very few people who could truly act well. Coming to Olin, a school that consists of 300 engineers, I didn't really expect there to be many people who could act at all. However, I was blown away by PATLA. Seriously, everyone in that show could act. It was amazing; many times, I wished I could sit in the audience while I was offstage. Everyone was always in character; there was never a dead moment onstage; overall, PATLA was one of the best (and funniest) shows I'd ever done. The real triumph of greatness, though, was the fact that this show was, like all FWOP shows, done entirely by students. We had no teacher or experienced professional guiding us; in fact, Ben, our director, had never directed before! But he did such a good job that it seemed as if he'd been directing for years; without any help from adults, we put on an incredibly entertaining and high-quality show.

That's it for this post. See you later!

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