*Gasp* A Breath of Fresh Air

I'm still struggling with managing my time. It's funny because from last semester to this one, I went from dancing five times a week to approximately zero times, and from 16 math/engineering credits to 18 credits, only 8 of which are engineering (the other 10 are arts/humanities/social sciences--AHS for short--and design). So theoretically I should have more free time and a variety of work to interest me. But I still feel as if I'm busy all the time, and it's hard to focus on work. There are all kinds of other things going on! How can I resist? The thing is: high school and college are completely different experiences. I feel that I'm trapped in the high school mindset of paying attention in class and thinking that that will be enough, but it's not. I need to put in more hours outside of class to master the material and complete the work. Dorm life can't be all fun and games (although it may appear that way sometimes).

I think that the secret lies in habits. Habits in actions as well as in thoughts. If I can change the way I habitually hit the snooze button in the morning, I'll get an earlier start to the day. If I can change the way I habitually assume that weekends mean no work, I'll spread out the work over a longer period of time. I know I'm being vague by simply saying 'work'; that's because it could as easily mean a problem set as a group design exercise or an hour of DJing practice (for an Independent Study).

I'm writing about this instead of Wintry Mixer or The Vagina Monologues or the hooping workshop, all of which were fun, because it's an issue that's been bothering me since the beginning of college. It's also something that you have to figure out at some point--how to change your behaviors to fit a different environment, or simply how to manage time more effectively. As a sidenote, I've never liked that expression, "managing time," because time doesn't seem like something you can really manage. 'To direct' or 'to exert control over' are two of the more common definitions I found when I looked up the word (manage). I think the expression should be changed to "self-management with respect to time." Unfortunately, it's more cumbersome to say.

This week is incredibly busy, but I look forward to it as a chance to change a few habits, work on some more problem sets and design exercises, and have some fun.

Wish me luck,


P.S. I had a wonderful Valentine's Day! Thank you!

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