Glorious days

Glorious day! The sun has arrived and Olin once more teems with energy! Activity abounds when sun-deprived college-aged New England-ers can finally emerge from their dorm rooms and share the air, grass, and sun. A day in march marked the earliest feasible exterior experience. The appearance of students congregating on the great lawn prompted running and jumping. Students walking past returned with frisbees or footballs, juggling balls, sidewalk chalk, and bubble soap. One clever boy (this guy) went and got his camera. In the few minutes of my absence, a lot had happened. My classmates Ariel, Jason, and James had begun performing impressive feats of human stacking, hanging by the ankle from the other's neck and balancing a pair of boys upon one pair of legs! Kelsey had rolled out the hula-hoops and, as always, the poi-kids were a swarm, practicing their maneuvers and tricks.

Amidst the joyous chaos, several students absorbing the sun and the energy hoped to get some work done on the theoretically dry ground. If they'd had the inclination or foresight, they would have implemented a recent favourite of West Hall residents - transporting couches from the third floor out of the building, laying down extension cables and setting up large speakers to produce what I have dubbed "the Great Lawnge."

great lawnge.jpg

On another, more recent sunny day, I encountered to the most alluring calves I've seen on campus so far. They weren't the recently unshrouded ankles of my friends. No, these were robotic wonders, harnessed gloriously onto sophomore Colin's legs. Upon 20cm-long springs he hopped, mighty and carefree, leaping and bounding to heights unheard of by mortal men.
These contraptions were the result of one club's lobbying many years ago for funding. It was the sole purpose of the Anti-gravity club: to finance the purchase of these spring boots. As, I am sure, were my forbears, I am unswerving in my desire to fly, or at least hop handily. I am certain updates will follow.

These past few days, I have realized that I finally feel myself again. After being buffeted by the play, visitors, and projects, I am very optimistic about the future. It might be the relief of half-semester courses being completed, or maybe the relaxation of a march break well-spent (in my case, a road trip with five classmates to my home in Montreal), but one thing's for certain. The sunny skies and fresh air aren't hurting my sunny attitude on this fresh new half-semester!

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