Going once, going twice, SOLD


Hey there, reader!

This is trial number two at writing a blog post on a plane.  Hypothetically, my computer's battery life will survive at least that long, and I'll actually finish this post!  [note: slight editing post-plane, but it's all good!]

In the heart of Thanksgiving, Olin held its annual Thanksgiving luncheon, complete with white tablecloths, raffles, and a few songs from the Powerchords [one of Olin's A capella groups]  It's one of my favorite times of the year, as the community comes together for a nice lunch =]. 

Thanksgiving break has officially begun, and I am fortunate enough to be heading back to sunny south Florida [my city had a record-breaking high of 87 a couple days ago].  Needless to say, I'm excited for this break.  Some may say it's the calm before the storm, the breather before the finishing of projects.  Strangely enough, I don't have any project-based courses--an anomaly for Olin, I know.  This semester, I took differential equations, probability and statistics, dynamics, topics in bioengineering, and Harry Potter and politics at Babson [yes, it is a class, and yes, it is awesome].  Can you say problem sets and papers?  It's been an interesting flavor of Olin, but I'm looking forward to what the next semester will bring...


This photo was taken earlier this week; sadly, the leaves are nearly all gone from the trees.  Olin is really beautiful in all seasons, but I especially enjoy the many colors of the leaves.

jburger_icecream.jpgBack to classes!  Registration was about a week and a half ago, yet it feels like ages ago!  Each class registers in two shifts of students, predetermined and alternating based on the first registration in our first year.  I was 2nd registration my first semester, the very last group to register in the entire school.  Yes, that registration was terrifying, but I managed to get into all the classes I've wanted every time!  Every semester, we receive a registration survey to help dictate the classes offered to avoid conflicts.  The class with 100% participation wins an ice cream party.  This semester, my class [2014] as well as the current seniors won, resulting in a giant bowl full of ice cream that neither class finished!  This image [taken by my phone, so my apologies for the quality] is after a good 30 minutes of two classes digging into a giant mound of 60 pints of ice cream.

Next semester I will be taking Principles of Engineering, User-Oriented Collaborative Design, Introductory Chemistry, and Biomechanics.  Nearly all of my courses are project-based, a complete opposite to my previous semester.   

Part of this time of year is major declaration.  I was about to declare, but I failed to save my form, and lost all the information.  I'm one of those "design your own major" kids, and, at the moment, I will be majoring in Engineering with a concentration in Biomechanics [I think].  It's still up in the air, but so far, so good!  I'm sure I will talk more about this later =]

The most exciting [and relevant to this posts' title] is the SERV Auction!  SERV organizes an annual auction, in which all serv_auction_no_1.jpgproceeds are donated to the charity of the community's choosing.  Students, alumni,  faculty, staff, and local businesses all donate fabulous items, from adventures to red sox tickets and beyond.  For an entire week, tables are filled with papers of silent auction items; on the Friday of the week during lunch, we have a live auction, MCed by some of our students. 

This year, we had over 400 items donated to our auction, and we raised over $8900 for Engineers without Borders!  Our live auction was magnificently MCed by Connor Stokes and Tom Lamar, both class of 2012.  They are pictured with Matt Crawford [09], who 'won' the SERV auction. Thanks to Andrew Carmadelle ['13] for these pictures!

Here's a pair of images representing a bidding war between two professors, Lawrence Neeley and Allen Downey. They stood up when raising one another on opposite sides of our dining hall [you can see it was quite full]










That's all for now!  Wishing you the best as the end of 2011 approaches [already! So soon!]

p.s. I doubt many current students will read this before we head back to Olin from break, but here's a sneak preview at something I've done over thanksgiving break [hint: I'm donating what is in the image]


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