This Is Gonna Be a Fun One

It's been one week since second semester got going. A week! Sure seems a lot longer than that...

As some of you might know, my last semester was fairly rough. Grades turned out alright, but I promised myself that I wouldn't make the same mistakes again. I thought I had done a good job of applying those lessons to this semester, but I guess as an Oliner, I can't help but be as busy as is humanly possible.
 The unfortunate thing is that it's all stuff I'm really excited about. Genuinely interested in, not just "oh, that would be a good resume item" level of interest. There are the classes:
  • German 102: it comes after German 101! New teacher, only Olin student, harder material - it's going really well so far though.
  • Stuff of History (Stuff): a history and materials science course taught together. Get to talk about Mesopotamia and cordless phones. Taught by the incredible Rob Martello and Jon Stolk. Don't think of this as two separate courses, just one giant one.
  • User Orientated Collaborative Design (UOCD): one of the required courses at Olin, UOCD gives everyone an introduction to Engineering Design. If you're a Design major (like me!) this class is going to be very exciting. Oh, and busy. Did I mention that already?

But you can't forget extracurriculars! You never can at Olin, but definitely not for me this semester:

  • Designing Impactful Communication for Education Innovation at Olin (DICEIO): a student project under the supervision of Mark Somerville, Lynn Stein, and Tony Wagner (Olin, Olin, Harvard, respectively) looking into how we can better tell the Olin story. You might know that Olin is doing lots of cool things, but there seems to be a need to come and see it for yourself before you "get it". We're hoping to change that.
  • Design Realization Lab (DRL): continuing the work I'm doing with Lawrence Neeley from last semester, although probably with a slightly clearer focus than before.
And I'm still part of the Foundry board and I'm still working for Communications doing all sorts of graphic design (although the more I do, it seems the more other people want me to do design for them. I'm definitely not short of work, but I appreciate the support).
I should probably declare my major soon, shouldn't I? I've done the hard part: reflecting on what I actually want to do with it and therefore determining what sort of classes and education I need to go through. "User Interface Design Engineering" will hopefully let me put together my love of making things less frustrating to use and my obsession with making things look pretty. Viva la Photoshop! 
So it's shaping up to be (another) long and busy semester. I guess I shouldn't really be surprised. Plus, once you've worked at this pace for any appreciable length of time, anything slower just seems boring. At least, that's what I keep telling myself. Winter vacation definitely didn't seem boring: late mornings, 65 degree weather, sun, movies. Hmmm, warmth. New England winters could learn a thing or two from Arizona...
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