Goodbye Exchange Students!

-- by Mike Hughes '10

Fall 2009 saw Olin host a stellar group of exchange students.  There were 7 overall, hailing from faraway locations like France, South Korea, and Maine (surprise!).

Here's a group shot of the exchange students and several Olin study abroad veterans who served as hosts and friends.

exchangeStudentsFall09.bmpAll of the exchangers last semester were super friendly and very fun. We'll definitely miss them come January.

I had the privilege of living with Chad (from Korea) as a suitemate this fall, with two other Korean students also in my hallway. I had a blast showing Chad around Boston, struggling together on our C programming projects until the wee hours of the morning, and getting to know Korean food and music.  I especially liked our dance parties where he and Joo-Pyoung introduced me to several Korean girl groups.

Chad plays in a rockband back home, so my friends and I convinced him to take the stage for a going away party we threw at the end of the semester. Check it out.

More photos after the jump.

Chad rocked out to American Idiot and an awesome Korean song. He was joined by Luis '10 on drums and fellow blogger Jessi '10 as lead vocals.  Here's a shot of the entire band, which we somehow crammed into my suite lounge.

ChadJessiLuis_composite_sm.jpgOne of the great things about Olin's small community is that students from all classes get to know the exchange students and become their biggest fans.  Check out this packed crowd who showed up to hear the concert and say goodbye to the exchange students!


Here's a shot of me and some hallmates with our friend Hyeon-Taek from Korea. He's liked Olin so much he's sticking around for next semester too.

My friend Annie '11 bought American flags for all the Korean students as going away gifts from our hallway.  You can see Hyeon-Taek proudly sporting his.

Overall, hosting exchange students is a blast.  Without a doubt it has been one of the best parts of my undergraduate student life experiences.  I was very sorry to see the semester end and all the exchangers pack up for home.  Adios, amigos!

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