Guess what?

I got a special ring on St. Valentines day. 


Yep, that's right - class rings for the Class of 2013 began arriving. Seeing myself and my classmates wearing these has been a moment to reflect on just how close we are to graduating and what that means. In just a few months, Olin will no longer be my full-time job. Next year, we may be the alumni coming to represent our new employers at career fair. Soon, we'll leave the day-to-day responsibility for shaping Olin as students to the younger classes (can't wait to see where they go with it!) and begin figuring out where and how we can help as alumni.

But that is still in the future, even though it seems to be rapidly approaching. My goal for the time between now and then is to remain fully present at Olin - there's still SCOPE to be scoped, opinions to be hashed out, prototypes to be fabricated, three weekends of candidates to welcome, and many, many cups of coffee. This journey isn't over yet!

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