Guess who's back

I'm back at Olin! 
After a semester abroad, my transition back to Olin was at first really
exciting, then weird, then just Olin-ey. 
Life has really picked up from the relaxed pace of study abroad to a hectic
and sometime stressful Olin speed.  A
quick rundown on my adventures that you'll read about this semester:

  • Suite life: I'm living in a suite with Erika
    (Beach Sparkle reunion), Scott and Abe '12, and Thomas and Frederik from Group
    T in Belgium.  I love having the
    centralized open space of our suite lounge to hang out even though the level of
    cleanliness drove me crazy at first (I have let it slide a bit. There's just
    not enough time to be overly OCD).
  • Legs, legs, legs: I'm doing an independent study
    in biomechanics/robotics with Clay and Gray '12 and Erica and Andrew '13.  The study is based on an Advanced Classical
    Mechanics project and a Mechanical Design project from last semester.  We will be building on a MATLAB model of
    gait while designing a novel new robotic leg. 
    I think it will be incredibly exciting.
  • Half Marathon Training: Let it begin again!  This year will be my third year running the
    Great Bay Half Marathon in the beginning of April.  This time around my training program consists of 3-days a week
    running, 1 day biking, 1 day swimming, 1 day off.  I'm hoping it works out well.  Six mile run tomorrow!
  • Human Powered Vehicles: I'm reunited with
    the Olin Human Powered Vehicles team which designs, builds, and races recumbent
    bicycles.  Competition is at the end of
    April and we're busy busy busy!

With all of this I'm trying to find time to do purely
enjoyable things like baking and just hanging out.  Last night I got off campus to the North End
of Boston, which was loads of fun. 
Looking forward to what the semester has in store for me!

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