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Note from Caroline: The Entrepreneurial Initiative (TEI; previously Fundamentals in Business and Entrepreneurship) is an introductory E! class that all Oliners take. Here's a guest post from TEI students Kathryn '14, Claire '15 and Elizabeth '15 about their TEI project:

semester, a few of us here at Olin are developing Sunrise Blinds as part of a
required course, the Entrepreneurial Initiative. Here's our pitch:

Trying to sleep when it's light outside?  Or maybe you're trying to get up
when it's dark outside.  Well, Sunrise blinds allows you to do both with ease
by programming the sunrise to be at whatever time you choose. 

Sunrise Blinds combine the benefits of a blackout curtain with flexible LED
technology resulting in curtains that slowly light up your room, peaking in
brightness at the time you programmed. Until you want to wake up, your room is
nice and dark so you can get the highest quality sleep possible.  


now, we're trying to gauge customer interest for Sunrise blinds.  If you're interested in seeing more, please
help us out by checking out our website, If you know anyone who would find this
product useful or interesting, we would lo
ve for you to share the link with
them as well.

for the insider's look at the progression of Sunrise Blinds:

We started out our project by conducting some
hypothesis testing here at Olin.  We
bribed our volunteers with promises of cookies (it's amazing how well this
works).  In return we got to test peoples
reactions to different light levels while sleeping.  Our victims slept for one night with their
blinds wide open, letting in all the sun; one night with their current blinds
shut; and one night with blackout curtains. 
From this, we found that, as we expected, many people sleep better with
no light. However, we also found that a substantial amount of light in the room
is needed in order to wake up easily and with desire to get out of bed. In
other words: people need Sunrise Blinds! 
We're excited to see where the remainder of this project takes us!

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