GUEST POST: The Weasley Twins should have gone to Olin College

Brittany L. Strachota

Greetings, readers! You get a break from me, and instead get to hear from Chris Marra ('12) and Greg Marra ('10). Yeah, they're related. But not twins. Oliners often joke that this place is a bit like Hogwarts, so this post is rather appropriate.

Anyway, Candidates' Weekends just wrapped up here, so we're all thinking about who would fit in with our strange crowd, and I suppose the Marra brothers want to put in a vote for the Weasley twins. I wouldn't mind, but personally, would prefer Neville. Or, more accurately, Matthew Lewis (*swoon*), who, incidentally, is from Leeds, where I studied last semester! My Leeds to-do list included meeting him, but it wasn't in the stars. Ah well.

To read their post, click "Continue reading". I take no responsibility for the bad parts and all the credit for the good parts.

A while back I saw an article about how today's star high school seniors should choose what engineering school to attend. It sorted Caltech, Harvard, MIT, and Stanford into the Hogwarts houses from Harry Potter. With well-thought out reasons behind each, it was difficult to argue with the logic; it was a great mapping of schools to houses.

As admissions decisions start to roll out soon, I started thinking about what house Olin would be. We're small, unique, and rebellious: a young start-up defying the standard conventions of education. Maybe we don't fit a single house - but doesn't it seem like the place of place a pair of mischievous yet intelligent young wizards might want to go to school?

Yes, Olin College is the perfect college for the Weasley twins.

  1. We're entrepreneurial risk-takers
  • We have the Marauder's Map
    • Hogwarts students inherited their copy of the Marauder's Map, but Olin students created ours from scratch. It uses wifi triangulation to pinpoint its users on campus, and it's even open source. Find out if people are in the design studio without leaving the dorms!
  • We play with fire
    • The Weasley twins are accomplished pyrotechnicians, putting on impressive fireworks displays for crowds. At Olin, the Olin Fire Arts Club performs using flaming poi, as well as staffs, hula hoops, swords, and juggling pins. The club meets weekly, has excellent safety practices, and loves introducing students to new skills.

    You can read the original article on Quora. And if anyone can lend us an owl, we'd like to send the Weasley Twins an info packet. Thanks!

    Chris and Greg have not yet opened a family joke shop, but have a few crazy ideas up their sleeves.


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