Habitat Spring Break

Last week (our much-needed spring break), 14 other Oliners and I road-tripped down to North Carolina to work with a Habitat For Humanity chapter there for a week. For that particular chapter, we were the 3rd of a series of 4 college groups coming down on successive spring break weeks, and they were asking all of them to sign the walls before they were covered - below you can see the Olin O soon to be covered by the siding on the front of the house.

I've been on this trip twice, and I think they've been my favorite spring breaks. Having even a little bit of experience doing what you are designing for can be invaluable for an engineer, and I think I always pick up a few useful mechanical design ideas from working on the houses. Also, we get to use power tools and hammers, which means on the technical side, I'm pretty happy pretty quickly.


Another thing I enjoy about the Habitat trips is the chance to hang out with a set of Oliners I might not otherwise, without the pressure of school and project work. It's a cliche, but "the people" has consistently been my favorite thing about Olin, and I absolutely love the chance to hear people talk about what they're passionate about, to argue the big questions, to make stupid jokes and play surprisingly intense card games all evening.

We also found a lot of these bear statues. Look, over bear!


Grateful to have missed one more (hopefully the last of the spring?) snowstorm in Massachusetts, we stopped at the beach on the drive home. It was chillingly "refreshing", but there were dolphins swimming very close to us.

I hope your spring break was likewise refreshing, relaxing and recreative! We're into the final push of the year now!

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