Halfway there!


That's right; I'm halfway done with Olin.  I really cannot believe it [and yes, every time I say it I freak out a little bit].  I feel like so much has happened in such a short amount of time, from the projects I've worked on, to the friendships I've made.  Because of the hecticness of finals, I didn't get the chance to write, so I'll do my best to summarize some recent events here.

POE [principles of engineering]
CNC.JPGI had the pleasure of working on an awesome team to make a CNC pointillism machine [pictured here].  We were able to take jpegs, grayscale them, and convert these values to hole depths.  This was translated into movement in the Z-axis.  It was an interesting undertaking, and the team had a good semester.  Pictured here is a pointillised zebra using our project.




UOCD [user-oriented collaborative design]


I have to say, UOCD was probably one of the coolest classes I've ever taken, and will ever take.  At the beginning of the semester, my team went and spoke with wheelchair basketball players.  We learned about things they valued, including community, competition, and being seen for who they are, before their disability.  From this, we determined areas of opportunity, ideated, and came up with our final idea: a game that allows able-bodied and disabled individuals to play a sport on the same field.  This entire process, along with the interactions with the athletes throughout the semester, helped me understand that I want to engineer something that has a direct impact on peoples' lives.  The picture below is my team's  sticky-noted studio space, with our final posters and movable model on the table.  There are a gagillion representations up on the walls and board, some direct information from interviews, others results of synthesis by the team.

Class events!
class_pinatas.JPGAt the very beginning of the year, I was voted on to the class of 2014 events planning committee. We held random events throughout the year, but I think the last few we had were pretty awesome.  The first was a pinata fest, in which we bought 4 pinatas, and hung them from Milas Hall after our final design review for UOCD [here's a picture of ~half of the class].  Needless to say, it was a great way to wind down from the large amount of work we all did.  Here's a large chunk of us right before we started whacking away, but by the end, about 90% of the class had stopped by!  Pictured here is Eerik ['14].  We also went as a class study break to see the Avengers.
With our leftover budget, we purchased a bunch of fruit, cheese, chocolate, and crackers, and had a hangout between the dorms just before EXPO.  Since finals were done, and most of our class planned to present UOCD at EXPO, we were able to hang out with not too much stress on our minds.  It's moments like these that remind me how much I really appreciate my class.
watermelon_carnival.JPGOne of Olin's end-of-year traditions is a carnival, planned by SAC [student activities committee].  This year [like every year], they went all out!  There were inflatables, food, and a giant twister mat.  Students performed [music] throughout the day, and after the annual 30 second videos competition, we headed outside for a bonfire.  What I loved most were the Chinese paper lanterns we got to set off!
What's next
I'll be back at Olin in three months, but that doesn't mean I won't be busy!  This summer, I'll be in Wisconsin, working at GE Healthcare alongside my fellow blogger, Brittany!  I think the two of us will cook up some crazy adventures to talk about, and maybe get to hang out with other local Oliners.  Look for some posts from us soon =].
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