Happy Adventure Times

So I'm not really the type of person that I would classify as "adventurous." I go camping out of a car, I always stay on the road despite owning an off-roading vehicle (much to the displeasure of many of my friends), and I really despise picnics (too many bugs). But then last night came and I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to go exploring with a few of my friends through the 100 acres of woods behind Olin know as Parcel B.

So here's how it started: I finished up the weekly movie night in my room around midnight and headed over to West Hall to see if anything exciting was happening over there. West Hall, you see, is more vibrant than East Hall because East Hall has suites with their own lounges for chilling whereas all the hang-out-iness of Olin must manifest itself in just three floor lounges in West Hall, giving WH a much higher concentration of cool goings-on per space. Plus West Hall is where all the freshmen live, and everyone knows that the class of 2011 is "the awesome." So I arrive at the other dorm and within minutes my friend Sarah A., an R2 from the class of 2010, comes literally bounding up to me yelling "let's go for a walk, let's go for a walk."

I agree, wondering what the business is going on. After inquiring as to whether my shoes were hiking worthy, which they were, Sarah grabbed Alyssa, Dan, and Nick of the class of 2011 and we were off. Bursting out into what turned out to be a rather stormy night, I finally thought to wonder after the goal of our little excursion. It turns out we were in search of a "body bag" that this group had found on their last trip to Parcel B, so I knew it was going to be an interesting night...

We started off on a path I had not before seen, and before I knew it we emerged on one of the roads that leads to the main entrance of Babson. We continued walking for quite awhile, with Nick constantly trying to scare people and Alyssa threatening to kill him every 30 seconds or so. Sarah, Dan and I just provided the laugh track. We had to keep chatting to ease our nerves, though, because it was really dark and the wind and rain were picking up, making it the perfect beginning for a movie that I couldn't imagine ending well. Plus, we were trying to relocate an object that they could only describe as a body bag.

As we approached this object's last known location, Sarah suggests we grab a few sticks with which to poke this as-of-yet unidentified object. I, being the smart-alec I tend to be, dive into the woods and emerge seconds later with what my adventure-mates described as "a small tree." Well, I got Dan to help me carry it, and we were off once again. Then we got to the place we'd been seeking: a large rock up ahead with something sketchy looking behind it. I crept up behind it, fully expecting to see the only evidence of the latest hit from the Needham Mafia, and totally jumped back at the sight of a black plastic bag that I swear has a nose and feet! After poking it for awhile with our small tree, we determined that these are just two bags of leaves dumped here and which have protrusions that look scary in the dark. We leave sounder in mind than when we arrived.

So really, the night should have been over then, but it was actually just beginning. Up until now, we had stuck to roads and paths, but it was now time to pit ourselves against the wilderness and go into and through the woods to find the next great mystery of Parcel B: and old delapidated car out behind Babson's Trim parking lot. Plus, we couldn't stop now, as it had just starting raining really hard. I take the lead and we retrace our steps almost back to Olin before we turn down another path and finally dive into the woods. Almost twenty minutes of "ouch, watch that branch" or "gross, I totally just stepped in a river" ensue. I would even have fallen through what looked like a sturdy bridge over a stream had Alyssa not been there to catch me. After passing a few interesting objects, one of which looked like an alien spaceship, we arrive where we thought the car should be only to find an empty clearing. Sarah and I scramble around looking for this car, because by this point we look like we made the whole thing up, but the freshmen keep faith (I have no idea why) and we keep bushwhacking for another five minutes or so. Eventually Alyssa spots "a yellow light" which turns out to be a reflection off the car's bumper, and victory is had! Thank goodness.

After we arrived back at Olin, we took this picture. You can tell it was quite an arduous night.

After Parcel B

This all ended with a hot chocolate party afterwards, and few of us went to bed before 4. It was great. I would definitely classify last night as yet another successful night at Olin.

Thanks for reading,

Jeff Moore, Olin College Class of 2010

P.S. My clothes still aren't dry, and I later had to remove a tick, but it was all totally worth it.

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