How To Raise $9591 for Charity in Just One Week

-- by Mike Hughes, Class of 2010

Last week, the students, faculty, and staff of Olin engaged in what I think is our greatest community tradition:  the annual fundraising auction hosted by SERV, our campus service organization dedicated to

Support, Encourage, and Recognize Volunteerism.

Every year, SERV seeks donations from all members of the Olin community.  This year we had almost 300 submissions and raised $9591!  The bidding wars brewed all week during silent auction and came to a head at the live auction for big ticket items during lunch last Friday.

Here's a clip of the live auction where students fight over the heavily contested pair of tickets to a Red Sox - Yankees game next spring at Fenway Park. 

I hosted the auction this year alongside my friend (and fellow blogger) George Sass. Bidding wars were fierce and I loved watching faculty, staff, and students compete to win top prizes like a shopping trip guided by Dr. Jessica Townsend (Mechanical Engineering). 

More photos and comments after the jump.
A highly sought after prize at the live auction was MANual Labor donated by my hallway of 20 guys.  We promised 50 man-hours of labor and stood proudly in front of the crowd as professors and staff competed for our strength.  We eventually sold for $500.

Silent Auction items also saw heavy bidding wars during the final seconds. I'm always amazed at how many Olin students get so enthusiastic about the auction.


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