Bosque de Piedras, Huayllay

huayllayrock.JPGFair warning: this post has a lot of pictures and not a lot of words.  I am currently writing to you from Cusco, because writing this post didn´t make it off my to-do list before I left Lima. Ooops!  Keep your eyes peeled for a future blog post about my Cusco trip--I took some great photos wandering around today!

I spent last weekend at about 13,450 feet in the beautiful, tranquil, otherworldy rock forest of Huayllay. It´s a protected national sanctuary here in Peru.  Last monday was feriado, or a holiday in Peru, and about 20 people from the Lima rock climbing community made the drive up into the mountains to go climbing in Huayllay.  After the cut, you can check out some photos from the trip.  It was a really fun time!

It was really nice to spend a long weekend away from Lima.  We drove all night Friday to get to Huayllay from Lima, then crashed for a blissful few hours of sleep in the main house of the hospedaje (top left).  Saturday afternoon, a storm blew through, and I took some spectacular photos of the sunset (bottom left).  The colors and the light were so amazing that I kept running in and out of our room (top right) to take more.  A bunch of folks from the climbing community brought their furry friends along (center top), there was an absolutely adorable newborn puppy wandering around near the main house (bottom center), and the lamb (bottom right) frequently had to be booted out of the main house.  

And speaking of animals...
I had to post pictures of llamas at some point, right?  A whole herd of them passed by when we were climbing on Saturday morning.  My friend´s dog decided she wanted to play with the llamas (top).  The llamas were friendly and curious (bottom right), and overall pretty tolerant of the dog scampering around.

Actualizado recientemente.jpgThe rock formations in the bosque de piedras are really unique and beautiful. The rock tends to have a lot of huecos, or pockets.  It makes for some really fun climbing!  The photo on the left above is yours truly trying out a challenging climb on top-rope, and the photo on the right is one of my friends.

No away blog post would be complete without an update of the Lima vs. Leuven scoreboard!  Huayllay gets +5 for stunning natural beauty, +1 for the awesome hoely rock formations, +2 for puppies, +1 because I didn´t get altitude sickness, and an estimated 2.2 points, where one twentieth of a point is given for every llama spotted.  That leaves us (until next time) with Leuven 22.5, Lima 23.2.   

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