I have a job this summer!

As things start to wind down around here, it's time to start thinking beyond the meetings tonight, the emails to send out, and the presentation due tomorrow.

My summer plans take me back to the wonderful land of San Francisco. I'll be working for a super early stage, two-person internet startup called Archivd. I'm stoked for this summer, not only because I'll be pouring my heart into this startup while living in a city I love, but also because it looks like SF is going to be full of Olin students and recent grads this summer.

Looking further ahead to next fall, I (finally!) just submitted my course plan for my proposed self-designed concentration in Cognitive Science.
I'm holding my fingers crossed that it will get approved, since that'd mean I could take lots of fascinating courses like Tangible User Interfaces and Artificial Intelligence. I'm designing my own major since I don't feel like any of Olin's existing majors fit me very well. Olin can only grant engineering degrees though, which Cognitive Science doesn't exactly fit under. We'll see what happens!

Other things on my radar include finding an apartment in Cambridge for next fall, planning my 21st birthday celebration this summer, and figuring out my study-away experience at UC Berkeley next spring (feel free to let me know if you think it's silly to study-away at a domestic location - I'm not sure myself).

Until next time,


PS: If you or someone you know is subletting a studio in SF this summer, let me know -- I need someplace to live!

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