Identity crisis

Brittany L. Strachota

At 10:26pm Thursday night (just short of two days before Halloween), an email landed in the inbox of every Olin first-year. The message was simple: "For 'Halloween' tomorrow, everyone go as someone else in our class."


The response was nothing short of epic.


Olin's small community and freshman introductory experience allow for rapid bonding and spontaneity (understatement of the day?), but I was still in awe when I woke up ten hours later to the majority of our class dressed in flawless imitations. Most people were able to identify the costume before anyone could say "switcharoo."

This all-too-common impromptu organization and the ability to impersonate a given classmate illustrate the close relationships forged in the fires of late-night homework gatherings (read: frenzied cram sessions), as well as the unique population here at Olin. Apparently, there is something at this school for everybody, and a little bit of that "everybody" decides to attend, creating a veritable smorgasbord of personalities. The distinct characters shine on their own, yet manage to blend into a vibrant (albeit often silly) composite. I can't imagine the group functioning any other way, quirks and all.


Photos (courtesty of Allen '13) explain this dynamic best. See if you can pick out the swaps!


The majority of our class (in a muddled state):



Aaron juggling. In a skirt:


Tim and Tom (roommate swap):


Kory and I went for the Midwestern switcharoo (yes, that's a homemade cheesehead):


Ben and Jeff (Honestly, I'm surprised Jeff let his beloved Yankees apparel out of his sight):


Rachel, Jessica, and Emily pulled off a three-way switch (Snuggie included!):


This one just confuses me. [I think] we've got Trevor, Margaret-Ann, Graham, and Matt:


And Paul decided to step outside of our class and go the professor route:


They say you can't know a person until you've walked a mile in his shoes, but tromping around campus must be a good start.

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