Mag ik een boek in Engels alstublieft?

Due to Armistice Day on Thursday, I had a long weekend.  I took my day off on Friday and took the
train to Antwerp.  I did a self-guided tour of all of the churches
of note, checked out all the diamonds (Antwerp is known for diamonds), 
shopped on the Meir (the H&M was soooooo big), and got soaked by Belgium's typical rain.

The highlight of the trip was definitely the art, most of
which was works by Peter Paul Rubens.  I
am not a huge art person, nor would I would not pick Rubens' baroque style as
my favorite.  Despite this, he is probably the best
known Flemish painter, so I figured I would check out his works while in Flanders.  A few of his works are on display at the
Cathedral, and they are pretty powerful religious paintings.  Many others are on display in his house,
which has been turned into a museum.  For
1 Euro student admission, I toured his house, checked out the paintings (his and others), and
strolled through his garden (although that was slightly less enjoyable in the

Antwerpen 012 - Copy.JPG

Rubens' The Elevation of the Cross in the Cathedral of Our Lady, Antwerp

The funniest part of the trip to Rubens' house was my
guidebook.  I had been speaking Dutch to
the cashiers and such throughout the day and thought nothing of it when I
bought my ticket for the museum in Dutch. 
When asked if I wanted a book to go along with my tour of the museum, I said
"ja."  Once I was in the house and on my
merry way I realized that I could only read a portion of the text because the
book was in Dutch.  Oops.  Guess I should have asked for it in English.  It does however mean that my Dutch is good
enough for someone to mistake me as being literate.  Whoohoo!

The Leuven v Lima Scoreboard needs an update!  Leuven gets 1 point for each church I visited (+4), 1 point for Antwerp being 1 hour by train from Leuven, 2 points for someone finding my Dutch accent passable, and 1/20th of a point for each piece of art I saw (+ 4.4).  Did I just indirectly compare fine art to llamas?  Oops.  That gives us:

Leuven 33.9, Lima 23.2

The title of the entry: May I have a book in English
please?  I'll try that next time =)

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