March Madness [SERV style]

Last month was FULL of awesome community service projects!  This post will be mostly photos, partially because I love pictures, and partially because I am pressed for time =].

relayforlifecommittee.jpgThe first thing that happened [of high importance] was Relay for Life, the American Cancer Society's number 1 fundraiser.  The idea behind this amazing fundraiser is that cancer never sleeps, so neither do we.  Members of teams take turns walking around the track overnight.  We celebrate our survivors, remember those we've lost, and fight back against this disease, to try and make a world with less cancer and more birthdays.  I'm a member of the Wellesley College committee [pictured here, at approximately 4 am]


About 50 Olin students came out to support the Wellesley-MIT Relay for Life.  Olin's team raised over $5500 dollars, making us the 3rd highest fundraising team!  Most of this was from penny wars, an awesome inter-class competition in which pennies count for +1 point, and everything else is negative.
I wrote about our Relay experience in an article in the Frankly Speaking, Olin's student-run news source.  One of the ceremonies at this event is a luminaria ceremony, which I described in the above article.  To get a sense of what is described, take a look at this:

luminariaceremony.jpgIt was absolutely breathtaking.  The following week was spring break, where a group of 21 Oliners headed to Concord, North Carolina for a Habitat for Humanity Build!  Here's us at the house we worked on: 

Of course, it wouldn't be a break without a little exploration!  There's a beautiful waterfall not toooo far from where we were staying, so off we went!  We're kind of a crazy bunch...

Keep in mind that North Carolina is really far from Boston [in the sense that it took around 14 hours each direction in the car].  Before we headed back to the North East, we ate at Waffle House!  Here's Tim ['13], Maddie ['15] and me [from left to right], ready to hit the 3 am!

Hopefully I don't get int too much trouble for posting this...Tim hasn't seen it himself! 

woodencutouts.jpgThe next [and final] major community service project in March involved REACH, a local organization that aids victims of domestic violence.  They also have a large advocacy program, which includes life-size wooden cutouts that represent victims of homicides related to domestic violence.  Facilities graciously allowed us to use a large space, and we helped paint 127 wooden figures over the last weekend in March!

Thanks to the rest of SERV for all of their help coordinating some of these projects, and Tim, who coordinated the Habitat build!  Look out for a post from me about my classes and projects, which are coming to a [scarily quick] end!

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