So, as my bio says, I'm from DC. This means that the idea of traveling to a foreign country in a day is, well, foreign to me. So when I was invited to join a group going to Montreal for this past three day weekend it was pretty novel. A six hour drive and I'm in another country in an area where English is not the primary language? Sweet! Carpe diem!

So after my last class on Friday I quickly packed a bag and piled three other people in my car and after consulting with the other car of four drove north. I think it's safe to say that only one of the eight Olin students on this trip had planned ahead in any way, shape or form. thankfully, she also printed driving directions.

On the drive up the usual shenanigans held forth, sparked off by the kidnapping of the shoe of one of our car's passenger's by the other car. This resulted in a ransom note, mooning, and a race to dinner. Our only clue as to the treatment of the hapless shoe was this cryptic photo

After valiantly battling traffic, border guards, and shoe thieves my car arrived in Montreal safe and sound, albeit low on gas. We did, however, beat the other car into the city - a significant accomplishment given that they did not know that a race was on. We then checked into our hostel and ventured out into the city. I had been up since seven that morning and at three that night, after going to a couple bars and walking around for a few hours, I was completely exhausted and went back to the hostel to crash, leaving a few of our group to further carousing.

The next day we explored Vieux Montreal (otherwise known as Old Montreal for those who don't speak French)

got lost

and generally had an excellent time despite the rather cold and rainy weather. More bar hopping ensued that night. The following day we spent the morning further exploring the city before heading home. We saw the largest geodesic dome in the world...? walked through Chinatown, went to the casino, and rode the Metro. We also climbed Mont Royal where we were treated to this fabulous view:

All in all a highly successful trip. I brushed up on my supremely rusty French (it's sad when the Arabic words come more readily) and got back to Olin in time to get some work done for the week.

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