My Favorite Places: Wellesley College

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Wellesley, the women's college just 2 miles from Olin, is the school most tightly tied to Olin: I think around 50 Olin students cross-register there every semester, Wellesley students frequent Olin parties, and we have a joint women's soccer team.

I'm currently taking my fourth Wellesley course, Sociolinguistics, but my favorite interaction with Wellesley is hanging out on campus (usually doing homework). Here at my favorite places on Wellesley's campus:

El Table - often mistaken as a Spanish cafe, El Table is so named because it was originally located next to elevators. Those days are long gone though, and El Table is now known as a student-run co-op in the basement of Founders. Serving up cafe fare, good music, and engaging Wellesley students, El Table is my favorite spot to get an espresso before class.

SCoop - SCoop is Wellesley's Sustainability Co-op, home to some of the coolest women on campus (they also throw a killer party). Check out their blog!

The Wang - The architecture award-winning Lulu Chow Wang Campus Center is Wellesley's newest building, and it's, in a word, awesome. Ever since Olin turned off the lounge fireplaces, I've gotten my fix sitting on comfy couches in front of the Wang Center's massive, roaring fireplace.  There are few places better to be on a rainy day, especially since Wellesley's parking garage is connected, underground, to the Wang. 


Science Center Penthouse - The science center is a weird, ugly, building within a building that I (still!) constantly get lost in. If you can make it through the maze of entrances, hallways, and staircases to an elevator, I highly recommend hitting that P button and riding it to the top. The penthouse is an open space with tables and chairs that looks over to the ground floor of the science center. It gets huge amounts of direct sunlight in through the high windows, and the solitude mixed with all the bustling noises drifting up from below is a cool combination for studying.

Lake Waban - Any collection of awesome Wellesley places would be amiss without mention of the beautiful lake that is surrounded by runing/biking trails, pretty houses, and Wellesley's campus.

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