New Motivation in the New Year

Happy New Year!! I know yesterday was the deadline for Olin applications, so to all of you who submitted application items, best of luck!

Somehow, I managed to forget to write a single entry to the Olinsider this semester. Here's my attempt at getting all of you up to speed, in the form of bullet points and pictures! I took four classes this semester: Microfluidic Devices and Cell Movement [1], Emerging Technology in Cancer [2], Teaching and Learning in Undergraduate Education[3], and Representing Olin Experiences and Outcomes [4]. Click on any of the images to have them pop out [they'll be bigger]

  • Classes:
  • [1]  For this class, researchers from Massachusetts General Hospital came to campus and taught us! Here's a glimpse at one of our failed experiments, where we were testing a microfluidic device we made and designed:microfluidics_explosion.jpg-jpg
  • [2]  I don't have images for this, but I now understand the biology of cancer on a deeper level!         
  • [3] This was probably one of my favorite classes I've taken at Olin. We learned about education, predominately in the undergraduate space. During the course of this class, I discovered a passion for changing education that I think will positively influence my next three semesters at Olin.
  • [4]  Abbreviated RepO, this class was a blast. The first half of the semester was spent defining Olin, and the second half was spent on group projects. My team of four, Sebastian, Brendan, and Janaki [all '14], had the pleasure of working with Michelle, our new chief marketing officer, and the rest of the marketing and communications committee, towards coming up with cool things to send to prospective students. We ended up meeting our new outside-the-bubble communications partners, and I can't wait to continue working with them! Here's a picture of a timeline of Olin experiences we made to show these partners the student-perspective:repotimelne.JPG


  • Random Events:
  • SNOW!snow.JPG
  • There was a hurricane!! As a native Floridian, I was in heaven-I went to the grocery store and picked up all of my favorite supplies.Granted, we didn't really need them, but I was happy all the same.hurricanesupplies.JPG
  •  We played School-Wide Quidditch! Our class was the equivalent of Slytherin, and we came in second, losing to the senior Gryffindors. Here's a picture of the junior team, all class of 2014: Charlie, Chelsea, Janaki, Arjun, Keely, Brendan, and Theo [Plus Trevor and me, who joined in later]quidditchteam.JPG

This coming semester has a very different flavor. I'll be taking Material Science, Biomedical Materials, Mechanics of Solids and Structures, and Partial Differential Equations. Look out for future posts about my adventures during these classes and the little things in between.

Part of my new years resolution is to better document the memories I make. With that comes the hope to resume my blogging here on the Olinsider. I often tweet about my life at Olin, so follow @Jordyn_Olin14. As always, feel free to email me [check out my about me for my email address]

Time to hit the beach!

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