October 31 at Olin

Halloween.  For
elementary students, this holiday is about dressing up and going house to
house, comparing costumes and boasting about who has the most candy. For
grown-ups, it's about making sure their kid doesn't get run over by a car in
the rush to get as many sweets as possible, and hoping they don't die from
excessively high levels of blood sugar. And for many college students, it's an
excuse to wear as little clothing as possible and to get completely inebriated.


Except Olin is cooler than that.


Halloween at Olin started Saturday morning, with pumpkin
carving in the dining hall.  People got
pretty creative with the carving; I saw everything from traditional
jack-o-lanterns to the Apple logo.  After
dinner on Saturday was the costume contest. 
There were prizes for both group and individual costumes.  I was wowed by peoples' creativity--one person
dressed up as Parcel B (the wooded section of Olin's campus behind East
Hall).  The full cast of Alice and
Wonderland made an appearance.  Two
freshman guys dressed up as members of an Asian boy band, complete with cheesychoreography
(that was my personal favorite).  The
winner for individual costumes was Max from Where
the Wild Things Are,
and the winner for group costumes was four girls
dressed as the four seasons.  Everyone
looked pretty incredible.


As for me, I decided to dress as Draco Malfoy (mainly so
I could reuse my outfit for the Harry Potter premier in two weeks).  I got pretty into it--I sharpie-tattooed a
Dark Mark on my left wrist and even attempted to bleach my hair.  That part didn't quite work out... I spent the whole
day in costume (I even got some funny looks from people at Target). 


Halloween night at Olin was full of possibilities.  One guy went around the dorms 'reverse trick
or treating'- he knocked on the doors and gave candy to everyone who
responded.  A large contingent of
students went Halloween caroling- yes, caroling.  Being too old to trick or treat, they went
door-to-door singing renditions of popular Christmas carols, in four-part harmony
to boot.  I overheard a surprisingly good
performance of Hark the Herald Angles Sing.


 I say 'overheard'
because I was not in their numbesr, not out of lack of interest but because my
friends I decided that the idea of an age cut-off for trick or treating didn't
apply to us.  Eighteen isn't too old to
trick-or-treat, right? Right.  We weren't
the only Olin students out their either; another relatively large contingency
of Oliners trick or treating in the same neighborhood as us.   Some
of them were even older than me.


The only disadvantage to my Halloween activities is that
I am left with more candy than I have the capacity to finish.  But there are worse things in life.




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