Olin picking up the UK's trash...er...rubbish

Brittany L. Strachota

A few weeks ago, I went on a weekend road trip with some friends to southern England and northern Wales.

While in Bath, I got a welcome reminder of Olin -- the BigBelly Solar trash compactor! This bit of technology -- the product of a collaboration between Olin and Babson alumni -- is ubiquitous in the Boston area. But its footprint is much larger than that, extending across oceans. I recommend watching this video to learn about the compactor.

Now, I knew that BigBelly had a presence in the UK, but I couldn't help but gasp and squeal (just a little bit) when we came upon one along an insignificant street in BATH. It just seemed odd.
My friends gave me some of the strangest looks; I suppose few people would get as excited about a trash can rubbish bin as I did. I explained to them that somebody from my school was responsible for its creation, and their looks became slightly more accepting. Then I reminded them that there have only been ten classes admitted to the school to date, and the wave of realization came over their faces. They still thought I was a bit nuts, but I can handle that.

DSC03615 - Copy.JPGSkeptics - questioning its purpose and efficiency (they're engineers too)

DSC03616 - Copy.JPGA piece of Home #2 (AKA Olin)

I believe those are receptacles for cigarette butts on the side. Got to love the UK...
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