Olin Weekends and LOAs

I don't think I've ever gotten around to actually talking about what I do on a regular basis. This weekend was particularly fun:


  • Dinner with all of the women who do Bio Research at Joanne Pratt's (bio professor) house, with Russian food organized by Kate!
  • Seeing 21 with friends
  • Dropping in at Casino Night hosted by SAC- a new event this year with real dealers and ipods to win!
  • Off to MIT to see new friends over there during CPW- including meeting their Prefrosh


  • Studying for Sig Sys Test
  • Enjoying the nice weather!
  • Visiting MIT to "celebrate" a friends' anniversary- of when they met at CPW


  • Studying more for Sig Sys
  • Sig Sys Test
  • Homework/Dinner at Panera with a friend
  • More homework
  • Design meeting
  • Meeting for LOA next year!!!!!
  • To do list stuff.

Saturday was also supposed to be populated by an exciting visit out to see a friend at Clark- but that never materialized. On the upside I got to study more as a result, and I think my test went pretty well.

So moving on- LOA!! LOA= Leave of Absence= I won't be on campus next semester. Nor will I be graduating on time. (This makes me wonder, how old will the average holder of a 2011 diploma be? between deferred years and LOAs, I estimate quite high).

Regardless, myself, and 5 friends have put a deposit down on a house to lease for next year. We'll be living there and pursuing our own interests, projects, and businesses, rather than having another year of class immediately. It will hopefully help us to refocus what we're interested in and what we want to be moving towards with out final two years.

It wasn't an easy decision to pursue- it means a year of uncertainty and risk, and not graduating with our class. However, I think it will be worthwhile on the whole. Here's where you come in- I have tons of ideas on what to pursue, but I'm always open to more. Have ideas for what I should do on my LOA? Let me know!


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