Out in the sun!

The fickle fates of New England spring sent us an absolutely gorgeous day (sunny and seventy, for those of you who aren't in the area), and even after a mild winter like we've had this was cause for celebration. All day long, people congregated on the lawns by the dorms and in the Oval in the center of campus, dragging with them laptops, frisbees, picnic meals and the couches from the dorms. The rule of thumb was, if you can do it outside, you probably should.



As for me, I called an exception to a 2-week time management experiment about treating school like a 9-5 job* and shifted a bike ride into Needham to return a library book to the sunny afternoon.

In the evening, I joined some other Oliners in an impromptu music session. It was still warm outside! We had to use it somehow!IMGP8367.JPGSlight problem: I can't play any of these instruments. Problem solved: hand drums! Which I still have no skill at, but have a very, very, very low "hey-look-I-can-make-sound-happen" barrier, which was really all we were going for, and were lots of fun to play with.

Spring break is next week-which means it's getting to be crunch time and I am feeling fairly ready for a break-but today was an excellent mini-break...a sun-day to make up for our lack of snow-days? A very good way to start the week.

*I'll have some reflections about this next week. In the meantime, if anyone else has tried it I'd love to hear about it!

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