Painting the Freshmen’s Underwear

Painting underwear

We spent our Friday night last week slathering paint all over first-year students' white cotton boxers. What'd you do?

All of the first-year students live in double rooms in West Hall, which means that they historically haven't come over to the suites in East Hall where most upperclassmen live. The Student Activities Committee (SAC) sponsored an event to help change that. Each of the 19 suites was invited to host something entertaining, as a sort of open house to show that we're not as intimidating as it sometimes seems.

Maia, Angela, and I all live in the (somewhat misnamed) Gay Hall, which is comprised of three adjacent suites on the fourth floor of East Hall. It took us a while to decide what to do, but eventually Heena '10 suggested an underwear decoration party. This sounded pretty sweet to us, so we ordered a hundred pairs of boxer shorts, found some art supplies, and hoped for the best.

It turned out great! What began as a slow trickle of people into our suites became a huge torrent of excited, creative people eager to paint all kinds of designs onto their new shorts. Hardly any paint got on the floor, and when it did we swooped in quickly with cans of stain remover. Here's another shot from the middle of the evening, after a lot more people showed up:

More underwear painting

We had a great time, and it sounded like everyone who came did as well. It remains to be seen whether the event had a positive impact on the number of freshmen visiting us to hang out -- the fourth floor will always be a relatively long way from West Hall -- but it certainly did a lot to foster goodwill between the first-years and everybody else. Hopefully it'll stay that way!Underwear painting aftermath

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