A Photo Journey through December

It's been snowing on and off for the past few weeks; I took a few pretty pictures that I now have time to share. Additionally, Student Activities Committee (SAC) threw Snow Ball, our winter formal; I took an absurd amount of pictures, and will share a few of the prettier ones.


December 3rd: view from between the Campus Center and Milas Hall.


December 13th: West Hall and East Hall in the snow.


December 14th: Pretty view from the East Hall front door.

Angela and Andrea

December 17th: Andrea and I are mostly ready for Snow Ball.

Vivian and Will

On the trolley on the way to Snow Ball; Vivian really wants some scallops. Will is skeptical, as usual.

Vivian made the menu for Snow Ball, and as we were running a bit later than expected (we were overly optimistic about how long it would take us to do our hair - as usual), she was afraid that the scallops would be devoured by the time we arrived. Luckily, she was wrong, and plenty of scallops were enjoyed by all.

Matt and Jessie

At Endicott House, Matt sings along on the dance floor. I can't remember the song. It was amusing. Jessie is slightly embarrassed, as usual.

Edit: the song was "Highway to Danger Zone" by Kenny Loggins, which Matt claims is "a fine work of art."

Jon and Siena

Jon dances with Siena. This is (arguably) the best photo I took all evening.

Kevin and Paul

Kevin and Paul swing dance. I'm told that this happens fairly often.

I hope you have enjoyed this photo journey. Happy holidays!



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