Today I am one step closer to Florence; today I received my Italian visa (complete with worst-picture-of-me-in-the-world). According to the inside scoop, the Italian visa office is one of the more difficult to deal with. I understood this after every single other person who had an appointment while I waited on Monday got rejected. Somehow, I didn't. I think I had the advantage in that I didn't have an anxious mother hovering by my side- I got the impression that that was decidedly an annoyance to the office workers. I came back today to pick it up, and suddenly things feel so much more official.

Currently, I'm waiting only on my course schedule and my apartment assignment. While in Italy I'll be living in a private apartment with 3-5 other students from the same art program as me, where we will cook delicious Italian food. At this point, I have about 6 weeks to go, and while that seems like a while, it also makes me realize how much more packing and moving and general preparation that needs to be done. Hopefully, with my departure being after the Olin school year begins, I can stop by and say my farewells. It's a little sad to be leaving my friends, but I'm going to have great adventures. Plus, I'll see at least one other Oliner during my travels, as we spend winter break wandering around various countries. (He's in Scotland for the semester)

For now, at least, I'm in a bit of a resting place. I just have to finish off work, go to CA for a week, then freak out for a week. It's going to be great.

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