Reel Big Fish--Beginning of semester bonding

I am embarrassed to say that until last month, I had not gone to a concert since arriving at Olin last August. With only 18 miles (or 1 hour, 20 min if you take the T) between Needham and Boston, this is simply unacceptable... until you add on the busy Olin schedule I'm part of and the exciting activities that take place here. But while the semester was still winding up, 7 Oliners and myself managed to escape the Olin bubble for a night of skanking, the official dance of the ska punk scene. That's right, a rocking concert by the original sell outs, The Reel Big Fish.


Look close and you might be able to see Chris Gallello. ('12) at the railing at the front of the pit at the Reel Big Fish concert at Palladium.

I assure you, nothing rocks harder than being smashed up against the front railing of a concert so hard that you know the make and model of cell phone the guy behind you has based on its shape. And you know you're not finished until you've exchanged BO with at least a hundred other screaming fans. Returning home, at least one of your extremities must ache for at least a week. Broken toenails and arms rubbed raw by your fellow skankers are just a sign of a good night.

To earn these privileges (and more) all 8 of us had the interesting experience of standing outside on a cold, 15 degree Worcester night for an hour. Everyone was horridly under-dressed. And to boot, we decided against bringing jackets into the venue and had Chris G ('12) run our clothes to the car 10 minutes before opening. Standing outside in t-shirts, we huddled together into a human amoeba to stave off hypothermia. We literally became closer friends, sharing such a wild experience; knowing that we couldn't have stood the cold without each other.

It was a night of firsts for me. This was the first time I'd been to a concert since Olin/with Oliners. That night was my first time seeing any ska band live. And this was the first time someone from my crowd snagged one of the band's freebees. That accomplishment goes to Chris G. ('12) who caught the pick of Aaron Barrett, lead guitarist and singer. Chris caught the pick Aaron actually played with, not one of the extras he had in his mic stand to throw to skanking fans. Chris's comment: "perhaps playing baseball is useful for something."


Chris caught a pop fly!

So candidates, as you visit, be sure to ask any of our crowd about our experience.

Reel Big Fishermen: Chris G. ('12), Abe F. ('12), Ali S. ('12), Nat M. ('12), Mike M. ('12), Kevin S. ('12), Lauren G. ('09), and me, Colin Z. ('12).

Wondering what your Oliners are doing during the weeks leading up to Candidates Weekend? They're staying rocksome by attending the Girl Talk concert at Wellesley


The Olin Student Activities Committee managed to get subsidized tickets for Girl Talk's visit to nearby Wellesley College. Sadly, I didn't get one, but look forward to posts from those who did.


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