Relaxation, thy name is Spring Break

It's Spring Break! It's 64 F and sunny outside, so why not ride my scooter to Wellesley and have breakfast at Starbucks? I could even write a blog post!

Not really sure where to start. It's been a while since we last talked and a lot has happened since then. Tons. Metric tonnes.
Of course, that's a feeling not unique to me. The "desperately in need of a break to recharge" feeling has been running rife recently, possibly aided by spots of good weather. This has led to outbreaks of eating outside and convincing professors that the O is a classroom.
See, it's a classroom!
Last time we did this it must have been August.
UOCD has been a particular source of stress for the Class of 2014. It's certainly been a struggle figuring out how to "play the game" of UOCD, but that's a conversation for another time. Suffice to say, it's led to some interesting moments:
Poor Elliott. I don't know where things went wrong for him. He comes up with some great ideas though.
Whilst classes take up a big chunk of time, I also got myself involved with a bunch of extracurriculars. My independent study in Communicating Olin started off as a simple enough project, but has ended up going deep. Very deep. We've got ourselves into questions about Olin's mission and the state of education in America, not just "how can we make the website better". It's hard. There have been some great meetings when people like Mark Somerville and Lynn Stein triple the IQ in the room and blow our minds away. On the flip side, Mark can also be confused by his busy calendar:
"What...what are these? Where did these come from? I don't even..."
Working for or talking about Olin has become something I spend a lot of time doing, so much so that I am now officially affiliated with I2E2. The paycheck is nice, but the fancy name tag is even better:
It's been great getting the opportunity to promote Olin to visitors from other institutions. It feels like we're helping in Olin's mission to change the paradigm of engineering education and it's always interesting to hear what people have to say about us. 
This seems very ironic considering where I was three years ago. As you probably know, Olin sent out their acceptance decisions a few days ago. Some students will be going ballistic with excitement, but I know there are a few who will be getting a disappointingly thin envelope. Looking back, it's hard to believe at what the last three years have been to me. Being an I2E2 Liasion means a lot to me since in some ways it cements my place in this chapter of my life and highlights how much my abilities and interests have changed over the past three years. Words like "design", "pedagogy", "paradigms", and "as an Olin student" weren't even on my radar-screen at the end of high school.
Sure, things are busier than they've ever been and there have been several points during the semester when I've felt like I was going to sink rather than swim. But with the nice weather, the time off, and the feeling of "we've made it this far", it's been great to look back and see where things have come from.
The next two months are going to hurt, but as with all things at Olin, the pay-off will be big in the long run.
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