Rhyme without Reason

William Saulnier '16

Admits, you have nine and a half hours from the time I wrote this sentence to make a decision.

A decision I hope you won't take lightly.
To help you along your way, here's a short rhyme that I composed. I hope it provides some insight.
With deadlines arriving
And with perfect timing
So is the end of your senior year.
You've might have decided
Or decided to be guided
By videos or chats with your peers.
Where shall you spend?
Four years with friends?
Learning all that you can in time?
And how will you adapt?
Will your attention be rapt?
Or is fear a fear you will find?
I sat in your shoes.
I was singing the blues.
And the oranges, reds, and pinks.
I had many a choice,
And I found my voice,
Among others who told what they thinks.
See, this choice may be tough,
And it may be rough,
But speak to your heart as it's true.
Because through it all,
However the coin my fall.
The only one who can answer is you.
I can list all sorts of reasons why Olin is the greatest place on the planet, how the students are awesome, the classes are engaging and miles better than a lecture hall, how the friends you make really change you for the better, but you've heard all of that. At this point, all I can say is look inside yourself, ask the questions that you need answers, and go with what it says back to you. No matter where you end up, you'll be awesome.
That being said, come to Olin. I'll bake you cookies.
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