Rock Climbing

I've been interested in rock climbing for years, but it's always mainly been a summer activity.  Last fall, I tried to continue at Olin, but it was just too much work.

This year though, everything just seems to have fallen into place, and I've gone rock climbing every weekend since the school year started. It helps that most of my friends have gotten into rock climbing too!  I'm trying to get in as much climbing as I can before the cold weather restricts me to a gym.
Jona ('09.5), has been doing a lot of work with CoRe to get some funding for rock climbing. Last weekend, he organized a school-wide trip to RockSpot, a nearby gym, for people to learn how to climb. Based on the popularity of the outing, it looks like the student government will pay for Olin students to climb at both RockSpot and the Boston Rock Gym in the future, which I'm very excited about!! 
Independently, my friend Pam ('10) is doing a Passiyonate Pursuit in rock climbing this semester, with funding from the Office of Student Life. I see her every Thursday at MetroRock.
Back to homework now!
Olin students climbing in Rumney, NH. 
From left: Eric ('07), Jona ('09.5), Maia Bittner ('11), Bennett ('09), Gui ('09), Casey ('10)
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