Sandy Shenanigans!

Hi there! I suppose it's time for me to write a fashionably late first OLINsider blog post. Nice to meet you, I'm Emily. =) I flew over to the phoenix nest (Olin campus) from northern California (hurrah for the Bay Area!). I'm also a biology nerd (more specifically, I'm interested in exploring engineering disciplines in a biological context--biorobotics, anyone? ) and bubble tea enthusiast who plays the flute. ^__^ 

We thought that most of our guests from the Decade One celebration had returned home already, but the school has decided to cancel class in order to accommodate for our stormy guest: Hurricane Sandy!  
hurricanesandycountercropped.jpgas of 1:28pm~ Credits to Abe Levitan ('2016) for creating and maintaining the counter.
Spontaneous preparations and activities have gone quite splendidly so far. People have chosen to either be productive (i.e. a couple of friends and I were spending some quality time with our circuits in the fourth floor of the academic center last night) or make the most out of this hurricane weekend (shout out to the freshmen who cleared all of the Rock Band Beatles songs yesterday!). 
Or, perhaps you'll choose to sit casually with the whirling leaves and eat an apple. 
Other Sandy-inspired ventures include chocolate pancakes, a slew of board games, quests for German food (cooked by the lovely Sophia Seitz, '2016, as shown below running in the rain and cooking in the kitchen), pumpkin carving, and well-deserved naps! 
Well, it looks like this blog post is about to end (but the adventures shall never cease!). I wonder how long Sandy's going to stay over at the Olin bubble. Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more updates about Design Nature transporters and freshman activities. :D 
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