Team Autodesk 
Hari, Andy, Adam, our corporate liason John,
our advisor Mark Chang, Marco, Maia, & Keerthik

Hopefully, you're all familiar with SCOPE, the unique industry-sponsored consulting project every Olin students completes over the course of their senior year in a team of ~6. If not, you read the official spiel, or a well-written overview by Meena.
My SCOPE team is awesomly diverse. Four of us graduated high school in 2006 and are "delayed" due to working for internet start-ups (myself), founding a startup (Andy and Marco), or doing City Year (Adam). Half of us have designed our own degrees, and our fields of study range from mechanical engineering through design and distributed systems to electrical and computer engineering.
What project could such a multi-disciplinary team be working on? Well, we've been charged with making Inventor, Autodesk's 3D modeling program, easier to learn to use.  So it requires knowledge of mechanical engineering and CAD, pedagagoy and psychology, as well as programming and human-computer interaction.
My SCOPE team started off the semester with a self-imposed "lock-in", where we tried to do the entire year of SCOPE in 24-hours as a team-building exercise. Having worked with our team for a semester now, I'd say our biggest problem is imposing a sense of urgency, so the 24-hour exercise was actually a lot more enjoyable for us than it probably sounds to you :)
Since then, we've used countless pads of post-it notes and hours working out the details of our design. It's hard to believe that almost an entire semester has gone by -- we're now almost finished writing our end of semester report / proposal to send to Autodesk.


We've agreed to a non-disclosure agreement, so I can't tell you too much more. I can tell you that I'm in the middle of finalizing plans for our team to visit Autodesk's San Francisco offices in January though, so look forward to a blog post on that!
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