SCOPE Teams and Life Successes

Caroline E. Condon '13

Early in my Olin career, I wrote a set of guiding priorities for my time here, and preferably after. This was in response to realizing I didn't really like the concept of life goals - for me, it seemed too much like "things I won't be satisfied with my life if I don't finish", and I don't know enough about my life yet (if I ever will!) to have that kind of list. On the other hand, I've also found too much aimlessness impairs the pursuit of excellence, and I like having some reference point for reflecting how things are going. The list was an attempt at reconciling both those ideas - it falls somewhere in the middle ground between goals ("If I have done X, I have succeeded") and values ("If I am X, I am successful). They all involve verbs, and they are all evaluated in the present tense ("If I am doing X or currently fulfill X condition, I am currently succeeding").

I intended all of them to be valid "for a long time" - either forever, or at least for the next large chunk of the future. So I feel just a little old and creaky realizing what seemed like such a large chunk of future has now passed, and I can now check off the first of those priorities to be successfully retired. Woah!


"No Qualifications" probably wasn't the clearest way of putting this, but what I intended was to not use any "silver bullets", or special requests to be placed on a different team from another individual. I did not find it necessary to use any of them. I have no objection to people using these - in fact, used correctly, they're probably pretty critical to everyone's sanity and the projects' successes. But I'm immensely pleased to have gotten to this point: it required learning to work with a lot of different personalities and working styles, fixing things as early as possible in previous tense teams, and sometimes just apologizing.

So now the silver bullets, project preferences, skills and majors of the SCOPE students go into a giant algorithm along with each project's requirements, which spits out a bunch of potential team distributions that a human team reviews, and by some time Tuesday the class of 2013* will officially be sorted into teams for this years 14 projects: listed here, along with more information about the SCOPE program in general. Poke through the list - it's a awesome program with an awesome set of sponsors.

*minus a handful doing ADE as capstone

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