Senior Year: A List of Looking-Forward-To's

Here's a list of things about senior year that I am so excited for (sorry, no pics, but I'll post some as things happen in the year!):
  1. Living in a hallway with a bunch of my friends. One of the dorms, East Hall, is structured such that there are suites of 6 individual rooms with 2 bathrooms and a common room. We formed a hallway of 18 of us, and I can't wait to see them and decorate!
  2. Applying for jobs. I think most people would say I'm crazy for thinking that's something to look forward to, but I'm excited to find out where in the world I will be in the next year!
  3. SCOPE! I cannot wait to see what team I am on, and who I will be spending all day Wednesdays with.
  4. Meeting the class of 2017. New faces are the best!
  5. Being a CORe rep! My class voted me into office as a class representative for our student government. I'm excited to plan fun shenanigans, represent my class, and help change the school with the other members of CORe.
  6. Graduation. Okay, honestly, I'm half looking forward to this one. Since Olin has such a small, tight-knit community, we like to do our graduation a little differently. Everyone gets to pick 15 words that are read by a speaker as they walk across the stage. You can find some here from the class of 2013's commencement.  I'm so excited to see what my friends' words are (and think of my own!)
  7. Olin. As you may have read, Olin's notorious for 'the bubble,' and after chatting with some Alums, the social life of Olin is quite unique. I'm definitely looking forward to this, though I think I may miss it the most.
Other Olin students, what are you looking forward to about the academic year? Did I forget something important? Tweet me your response, and I'll edit this post (@jordyn_olin14)!
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