She blinded me with science (or just lookin' good)

On Friday, April 15th, Olin SAC hosted its annual
formal dance at the Museum of Science in Boston.  I had the pleasure of going in a group of
good looking women and two handsome men. 
We got all dolled up, went out for Indian food in Brookline, and headed
to the museum.  Once we arrived, we
perused the exhibits and then the dancing and music started.  I had a great time and it was great to get
off campus and relax for the night.


Chris, Kate, Meryl, Me, Erika, and Scott (all '12) making a funny pose

outside East Hall before heading off to the dance.

The fashion really is what made the evening.  The group featured fantastic shoes, amazing
dresses, great jewelry, and one amazing vintage clutch.  The highlights:


These dresses are the pinnacle of fashion.  I think we were the best dressed guests at
the museum all day. Meryl's purple dress featured a beautiful sheer overlay. Kate had gorgeous wavy detail on her stunning blue dress. I mastered the little black dress while Erika took it for a spin.


More bars in more places?  Erika, I,
and Kate were quite proud of our shoes that were not only chic but also had
a nice gradient of heel heights.


Vintage clutch from NYC. 
Need I say more?  I will. Kate is adorable.

Half and Formal 033.JPG

Dress, shoes, and jewelry were all $20 each.  Received compliments from all cashiers for
finding such good deals.  Put them all
together and it is quite fabulous if I do say so myself.  (Plus I do love endorphins and this exhibit at the museum)


Can't forget the dashing gentlemen!

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