As you may have heard, we are having a spot of winter weather here in Massachusetts in the form of a visit from our good friend Nemo. The last "historic storm" I was part of was the Pacific NW's Snopocalypse in 2008, and while the name Nemo sounds pretty mild in comparison, the NE has a very different standard of what qualifies as a historic storm: twice the snow and oodles of wind.

Classes were cancelled for yesterday, and while I don't even have classes that meet on Friday, having them cancelled gave the whole day a holiday feel. It was a day of sleeping in, long conversations and blowing off work whenever I wanted to go play outside. Even knowing they are inconvenient and outright dangerous for many people, I can't help appreciating the way a big storm imposes a mandatory break in the routine, a step out of ordinary time.IMGP0051.JPG

IMGP0039.JPGWe are hard at work making excellent use of all this snow. Yesterday saw games of snow football (Benefit: No need of a holder for kick-off), followed by
IMGP0036.JPGa very high stakes* class warfare snowball fight.
Each class had a home-base door to defend, and also to return to for a 10-second out-of-play period following each hit. If a team's door was captured by another team, the captured team was supposed to join forces with the victors, although in practice we saw an adhoc resistance movement emerge from the occupied populaces. Afterwards, SERV (Support, Encourage, Recognize Volunteerism) held a very well-timed hot chocolate event to raise funds for a local shelter.

IMGP0048.JPGAlso, no "huge snow storm" entry would be complete without mentioning just how much we appreciate our amazing intrepid dining hall staff who have been staying on Babson's campus just to keep us warmly fed. They are truly fantastic, and we are grateful.

Stay warm everyone!

*Where high stakes = "for honor and glory"
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