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It's hard to believe today is the very first of November; the entire month of October literally flew by!   Quite a lot has been happening in the Olin bubble! Family weekend, the first reunion weekend, and the end of the first half of the semester... it is way too easy to lose track of time, as we all get so wrapped up in the many activities we all do!!

I'm going to try my best and sum up the month of October in this blog post in the form of pictures [mostly from my phone, I'm having camera problems] with brief descriptions, moving backwards in time.  There were so many awesome things that I was lucky enough to take part in, so I'll do my best to remember them all!

The first thing, or the most recent, is the crazy weather!  You may have read elsewhere that I'm a born and raised Floridian. Most days, I expect weather like this:


This past week, we saw weather like this:


Those pictures are the morning after. Bonus points if you spot the snowmen!  The snow was absolutely perfect for snowballs, and we lost power...but Olin has generators [for some reason, I was surprised, but still].


I may or may not have chugged 4 glasses of water in about a half hour to help me donate blood.  We had our  first blood drive of the year, to great success, last Friday! I was able to donate blood for the first time in years, and many of my friends, first time donors, were able to as well.


The previous Friday, SERV partnered up with a group of students taking The Entrepreneurial Initiative [previously called FBE] to hold an outdoors activity, where teams paid a small registration fee to benefit the Special Olympics Massachusetts.  The teams encountered many challenges, including having to spell words out using their bodies!  This group of 2015ers were super intense, and quite fun to watch.



The week before the Ultimate Halloween Challenge, I had the pleasure of attending my very first conference!   I have to say, I am so thankful that Olin gave me the opportunity to travel to the Biomedical Engineers Society [BMES] annual meeting in Hartford, Connecticut, from October 13th to 15th.  I spent two nights with Janaki ('14), Rachel (Penn '13), and Brittany, our new friend from Ohio State University.

There were literally thousands of individuals in the field at this conference, which blew my mind.  There were a minimum of ten talks happening at one time, in ten different rooms, while poster sessions with hundreds of posters filled the main room.  Needless to say, we were quite overwhelmed, but we were able to learn so much!  Some of the projects I remember [off the top of my head] included a device that used magnetic flux to detect the presence of sepsis, which would decrease the time taken to diagnose this fast-acting disease, as well as a project exploring the stimulation and calcification of muscles in rats to help better understand specific muscle types.

A total of eight Olin summer researchers presented posters on the final morning of the conference.  At Olin, every student learns how to professionally present posters through one of our first year courses, Modeling and Simulation of the Physical World.  It was great to use the tips we learned our very first semester, presenting to professors, students, and post-docs from other universities. 

The conference was one of the greatest experiences of my academic career thus far.  The night before presentations, we journeyed over to the Connecticut Science Center, which featured an exhibit on animation.  The entire science center was closed down for us, and needless to say, we had a blast.



Watching PhDs and post-docs play in the 6 and under section made my night.  Plus, we had a blast in the animation exhibit!


The previous week, I went on an adventure to Burlington, MA, to meet one of my favorite authors! After standing in line with Eric ('15), Janaki('14), Chelsea ('14), and Laurel ('14) for over two hours, we met Rick Riordan for approximately 20 seconds each [my book is now signed!].  It was definitely worth the wait, and I later found out through his twitter feed that there were over 2,000 people at the Barnes and Noble! 


That's a super skimmed over summation of my month.  In terms of classes, things are going great!  Differential Equations ended, and I picked up Probability and Statistics in its place.  My semester is not very project based--most of my classes are focused around paper writing.  It's a strange pace for the average Olin lifestyle, but I am honestly enjoying the change in the [Olin] norm.

That's it for now!  Enjoy the remainder of fall, and stay warm! Also, if you live in South Florida, make sure to head to my dad's house for the info session in less than two weeks!

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