Some of My Favorite Things (are at other colleges)

- By Maia Bittner '11

Olin has gotten a fair amount of press recently related to the "new" tri-college partnership. I put new in quotes because many of the students here at Olin read the articles detailing our partnership and thought "Well, yeah, we've been doing all those things for years!".

None the less, I'm excited to see other people sharing my enthusiasm for cross-college collaboration. Like many schools, there's so much going on in terms of friends, activities, homework, and projects at Olin, it's easy for us to get stuck inside the "Olin bubble". To be frank though, larger neighboring colleges have a lot to offer us (both tangible and intagible benefits).

I've sung the praises of cross-registering before (7 of my classes in the last 3 semesters have been at other schools), so I won't repeat myself. Instead, over the next couple blog posts, I'd like to detail some of the other cool, interesting, or useful resources available to Olin students from schools in the surrounding area. Many are old hat to Olin students; a couple I consider hidden or just overlooked gems. Keep an eye out for them!

Wellesley College
Photo by Rocio Garza
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