Sophomore Salutations!

Greetings from the fourth floor of West Hall! It's been a week since the Olin student body has moved in and started classes, and sophomore year has been quite interesting thus far. Moving in and starting the semester is definitely less stressful the second time around, and I'm really glad to be back on campus again!! :-) Olin is definitely a home outside of home for me - time for some fun dorm pictures!


The WH401 view we wake up to every morning.

greetings!.JPGSpeaking of dorms, our hallway has a guard dinosaur - definitely more effective than your everyday guard dog.

moved_in_corner.JPGA cozy desk setup for productive nights with microcontrollers. :-)

This semester I'm taking a 17 credit courseload and a few extracurriculars:
-Computer Architecture (logic gates! boolean algebra! computer processors! and lots more to come!)
-Principles of Engineering (a semester full of mechatronics and more tinkering)
-The Entrepreneurial Initiative (an introduction to entrepreneurship, one of the featured points of the Olin Triangle! this class is still a work in progress but promises to be a fun ride)
-Linearity 2 (the second installment of Olin's fusion of linear algebra, differential equations, and vector calculus)
-Olin Conductorless Orchestra (a medium-sized ensemble of musicians who love to make music)

This schedule is mostly requirements, but it's a good balance between different subjects. Also, fun fact - two of these classes are being taught by Olin alumni this semester! (Eric VanWyk '07 is teaching Computer Architecture and Gui Cavalcanti '09 is teaching Principles of Engineering). They really add a fun personality to the class and have lots of fun stories to tell about their experiences with the material outside of Olin.

Also, reality check - we ('2016, current sophomores) will be filling out their first major declaration forms in a few weeks! (But not to worry, the future isn't set in stone - we still have time to change our major if so desired.) It seems like just yesterday that we were sitting in first-year classes and exploring the depths of Parcel B for the first time.

The other activities in my schedule this semester include GO bikes (this "Greening Olin" organization is a team of people who maintain the quality of bikes available for convenient checkout by the Olin student body) and being a course assistant for Design Nature (my favorite class from freshman year first semester - this is Olin's introduction to the design process and rapid prototyping. I'm super excited to see the projects this year!! Bioinspired design is quite spiffy). Olin Conductloress Orchestra is listed as a class but it feels more like an extracurricular - auditions are this week and next week, best of luck to everyone auditioning!

Fun fact: the OCO audition process has been inspired by the Candidates Weekend admission process - the musicians first prove their technical skills with a fast, challenging piece and then a lyrical, slow piece and then a week later are called back for group auditions, where they prove their musicality within a group. :-)

Speaking of course assistant shenanigans, a nontrivial portion of the sophomore class has decided to NINJA (the acronym for "Need Information Now? Just Ask!") the first-year classes. Also, NINJAs for different classes like to hang out and exchange stories about the first-years and the class projects. Yesterday Sophia and I were in the computer lab printing out practice posters for the Modeling and Simulation classes. :-)


Yay for NINJAs! <3

Well, it looks like this is the end of storytime for now - it's good to finally be back on campus. :-) Stay tuned for more blog posts from the new blogging team and see you next time! :D

~Emily,  c/o 2016

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