Spring Break: Country Music Capital of the World

I spent my Spring Break in Nashville, Tennessee this year.  Yeap, I visited the south to be with Nimah, my best friend from high school.  She went to school with me in India, but her dad's work for Nissan brought the family to the car company's headquarters in Nashville.  She now goes to school in Tennessee and I was pretty excited to go see Nashville for what it's worth.

Spring Break was this past week, and being with her was a lot of fun.  For one, the lack of snow or rain or anything cold and wintry, was awesome.  And for another, hanging out and catching up with my best friend was what I'd hoped for.  It's been a few months since I've seen her but visiting her house and the rest of her family was relaxing.  And the home-cooked Indian food I got to eat: unbeatable.

So, we did a lot of shopping for one thing.  The outlets, the mall, the souvenir shop on Nashville's Broadway street.  And we went on a pretty sweet tour of the city too.  Did you know that Coca-Cola actually started in Nashville, before it was headquartered in Atlanta?  And the first ever 'mall' in the USA is in Nashville too.  As is the only standing replica of the Greek Parthenon.  The Bicentennial Mall (actually a park) has the rich history of Nashville inscribed all around it while the Country Music Hall of Fame celebrates it's famous starts that come from this talented city.  The Jack Daniels brewery stands in the outskirts of Nashville too.

Here are some pictures of the area:

From the top-left going counterclockwise: I posed in front of some souvenirs; the South is known for its Bluegrass music; Nimah and I in the park; Nimah looks up at the replica of the Greek Parthenon.

And the southern food you may ask?  Unfortunately being vegetarian, I wasn't able to make the most of it.  But my friend, she's been eating fried chicken to her heart's content!  I guess it goes to show that when Casey ('13), a native from Tennessee, reprimanded me for going to the South and being vegetarian, I should have heeded his words.

I ended the week with some mini-golfin' and go-kartin' with Nimah and her younger brother.  Guess who won in both games? ...yeah, her younger brother did.  We got a bit upstaged there.

But all in all, my trip was awfully relaxing and fun. And this week has put me right back into work-mode at Olin.  The weekend starts soon though, that will be nice...

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