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As many of you may know, I have assumed my post as chair of Olin's Student Activities Committee (SAC). SAC is Olin's largest committee (I think) with roughly 20 members (depending on how you count them), and also one of the wealthiest committees. It receives a large portion of the aptly-named Student Activities Fee, and then, as you might guess, plans and executes numerous activities on campus. We're looking forward to an exciting semester!

So far, we've had several fun events:

1. The Welcome Back Snacks, Music, and Storytelling Competition Event Thing

After dark on the first day of classes we met on the lawn between the two dorms (technically it's called "The Quad," but nobody actually calls it that) and built a fire in the grills. Students roasted marshmallows and popped Jiffy Pop, and then settled in to listen to the stories, which were many and varied. Dave '09 and I kicked off the storytelling with a tale of mild debauchery from our first year at Olin; many laughs were had by all.

All snacks were consumed save one container of Jiffy Pop, which had fallen on the ground beneath the picnic table and went unnoticed.

Also, nobody should ever let me think up the names for events. It's not my forte.

2. A Taste of Wellesley

For the second year in a row, Olin students were invited to nearby Wellesley College for a showcase of local businesses (mostly restaurants--college kids have to eat too, you know), a raffle with some pretty sweet prizes, and a dance later in the evening. I "helped set up" by moving in a few containers of food, and got early access to the Lemon Thai booth's food for my trouble. Well worth the effort, I must say.

3. Watermelon Carving Competition at Club Fair

Club Fair is an annual event put on by CORe (the Council of Olin Representatives, or the student government) in which all clubs and organizations are invited to set up a table and try to recruit new members. SAC decided to forgo the table and just carve some watermelons along the wall in the Oval.


Uncarved melons.

Cactus and cube

My pathetic cactus, and Michael's ('09) cube.


Chen's ('11) phoenix.


The winning design. Chris '12 carved a sort of gearbox.

I carved a fairly pathetic cactus to kick it off. Others were more successful/intricate. The first place prize was a toy chainsaw (the chain moves, a red light illuminates, and it make a loud sort of "RRrrRRRRrrr" noise when you hold down the trigger), spray painted gold. The second place prize was a rubbery dinosaur toy spray painted silver. Third place was a butterfly magnet. (It was on clearance at Target.) It was all very irrelevant but hopefully students enjoyed it.

We had intended to follow it up with a seed spitting competition, but Eamon '09 and I accidentally bought seedless watermelons, so that didn't happen.

4. Outdoor Movie Night: "Real Genius"

My proverbial right hand man, Eamon '09, set up a screen on the side of East Hall, and we all gathered on the lawn to watch one of my favorite nerd movies of all time, "Real Genius." We popped popcorn (highly appropriate), snacked on candy bars, and laughed at all the pseudo-science (my favorite is the scene where Val Kilmer pulls a solid tube out of the freezer, calling it "liquid nitrogen").

5. Suite Open House

Possibly my best idea yet this year. See the previous post (on painting underwear, by Roland '10) for more.

6. International Talk Like a Pirate Day: Pirates vs. Ninjas Dodgeball

I'm told the dodgeball went well. Not sure which group won, but Joe '09 dressed as a pirate and yelled piratey encouragement through a megaphone throughout, which was (probably) quite amusing.

We also raised a pirate flag and affixed a pirate wheel to Milas Hall. Good times.

We also have a number of events in the making, including a showing of "WALL-E" (yes, we bought the rights to show it), a scavenger hunt, a Halloween dance, the presidential debate series, and a video game tournament. We're also working on a formal-dress event, but we're having some difficulty securing a venue at the moment.

It promises to be a fun and interesting semester, and as it absorbs all my free time and energy and is thus always on my mind, you can pretty much expect to hear more about it later. :)



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