A Suite New Year

I usually cringe in response to puns, but I just couldn't resist... Hello, I'm Shannon :) I blogged last year, but since you haven't heard from me in a while, I figured a re-introduction was in order. I'm a junior this year. I like to dance. I like to DJ.


What is that, you ask? Figurines made of Play-Doh. You see, an event called "Suite & Greet" happened recently, and my suite used it as an excuse to buy Play-Doh. Needless to say, we and all of our visitors enjoyed the opportunity to unleash our creative side. We made everything from penguins to PacMan. But Play-Doh has only been a small part of what is proving an enjoyable beginning to the year.
Even being up before 8 am was made pleasurable by a crisp breeze, the rising sun, and dewy grass that almost sparkled in the morning light as I walked over to Babson College for an entrepreneurship class. This week, I found out that my Passionate Pursuit in west coast swing dancing has been approved, and I went out dancing for the first time since last school year. As it turns out, I haven't forgotten everything about social dancing, and I was surprised at how many faces I recognized and knew. I'm excited to be doing the Passionate Pursuit, since I'd like to start taking formal lessons and competing.

You know, west coast swing was something I was first introduced to at Olin. Some friends dragged me to the Boston Tea Party, an annual swing dancing convention/weekend, and I found myself unable to leave the westie room. It was music I liked paired with a style of dancing that looked smooth, fun, and similar to salsa (my first love). That weekend, I took as many "Beginner Westie" classes as I could, and I've been doing it ever since.


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