Summer in hard times..

It's been hard to admit this in some circles, but I am currently unemployed. Not that I didn't try- I applied to a lot of jobs. A lot. A few turned me down nicely- they wanted grad students. A few seemed interested but then things just didn't go anywhere. One or two outright ignored me.

I can't say it wasn't difficult. I basically avoided all this the previous two summers by just working for the same small email company. The last time I had opened myself up to such potential failure was probably when I applied to college, but that ended with eight fat envelopes (and one polite waitlist envelope). I didn't have the same hand of cards I did then; at Olin I am decidedly an average student, nowhere close to the wondergirl I was in high school.

It made it somewhat easier knowing that others were having difficulties. Some places just weren't hiring interns, and even the smallest companies were exploding with applicants. But one-by-one they seemed to get a perfect job offer. A suitemate working a CERN. A lab partner picking out his new paid-for-by-Microsoft bike. It was hard.

Somehow I didn't give up, even if I felt like it. I don't have a solid plan yet, but I have potential plans. A large corporation (unnamed for now) reserved a few slots specifically for Oliners at the last minute. Despite not being terribly inclined toward software, I sent in a resume and just had my second interview for a designer spot, with the HR talk to come soon. A small wine publication start-up loved me, and while it's an unpaid position, I could get wine and event tickets for revamping their website. A little poking around found an intro to Industrial Design class at RISD that I could take at the same time- possibly in preparation for a Master's down the road.

I went from having no choices to possibly having two great choices. This is a little overwhelming now, but it's a significantly better position than I was in before. I have about a week to decide, but in the end I think I'll have a good summer. I'm just getting all my computer games and wrestling with my dog out of the way now. It might feel late to get things going, but I at least got a lot of relaxation time in.


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